LH Boutique has placed a huge importance on the accessibility of our website. We’ve tried to make this website as accessible as possible to all of our customers, including the disabled, visually impaired and those with other disabilities such as cognitive or motor deficiencies.

This website endeavours to conform to level A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Below are some of the accessibility features that have been implemented as part of the website and to improve useability. We’ve improved screen readers, keyboard navigation, text only browsers, and made the mobile website as functional and good looking as our desktop version.

  1. We’ve used common web conventions.
  2. All HTML and CSS used on the site has been validated.
  3. The site is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  4. Some parts of the website use features that need JavaScript to function. We highly recommend having JavaScript enabled.We’ve worked to provide equivalent functionality but this was not always possible.
  5. We’ve used appropriate all tags and image tags for elements on the website in order to help screen readers and accessibility of our site.
  6. We've used clear and legible fonts for all text and headings.
  7. Our combinations of font and colour background have been considered to provide pages that are easy to read and accessible to those with visual impairments.
  8. We’ve used clear and easily readable fonts for text and headings.
  9. We ensured that all the forms on our website function with screen readers.
  10. We’ve ensured that users who use keyboards or screen readers are able to navigate to the main content easily using a ‘skip to main content’ link.
  11. We do strongly recommend viewing our sites with images displayed but we’ve made sure detailed descriptions are available on our products.